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Who are we?

Promo House Agency was established with the aim of organizing and implementing various types of promotional activities and events throughout Serbia.

We perform all activities professionally and responsibly, respecting the agreed deadlines and with maximum respect for the client’s requirements.

Experience, knowledge and references are a good precondition for you to show us your trust.

What do we do?

Project realisation

Writing and implementation of domestic and international projects

Realization of domestic and cross-border projects in Serbia. Preparation and writing of projects, application, realization of all activities, keeping documentation, writing reports.

Organizing and realizing different types of events (conferences, seminars, promotional activities …).

Online marketing

Marketing campaign management service for your business

Advertising on social networks (Facebook and Instagram), monitoring campaign results, reporting. Our agency covers all digital content.

Brending and design

Building the unique visual identity of your company

Branding – the process of creating a brand through a strategy and a set of activities that help the brand to be noticed and recognized in the right way.

Design – design and preparation for large and small format printing, in circulations that meet the requirements and budget of the client.

How do we work?

1. Introduction to the needs and goals of the client

Getting acquainted with the needs and goals of the client so that we can use the budget as rationally and efficiently as possible to achieve the goal.

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2. Defining a plan

By defining the plan and determining the stages, we create the basis for successful implementation.

3. Realization

Monitoring the set goals from the previous two steps and a sure way to building trust and achieving results.

4. Satisfaction

Fulfillment of your goal and our satisfaction.


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